Apr 022011

[singlepic id=165 w=320 h=240 float=right]Belarian Foundation Mare 1980 Grey

Sire:Pobeditel(Pomeranets X Nitochka by Naseem

Dam:Petit(Ghibli X Mazurka II by General Grant

Bred By:Jozef Peeters,Belgium

*Wurda was brought to the Kossack Stud,Holland in 1983 and bred to Numizmat and purchased by Belarian in the spring of 1984 with her colt *Wibor.We kept *Wurda in Holland until 1989 where she produced 3 foals with Nut(Topol X Niagara by Semen),*Winst,*Haarlem NSB and *Grandeur NSB,all brought to Canada.

*Wurda did not produce any live foals in Canada.

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