Apr 082011
TYRON 2007 Bay Gelding ( Navaron X Tafetta by Palladium )

TYRON 2007 Bay Gelding ( Navaron X Tafetta by Palladium )


SIRE: NAVARON ( *Algomej X Navitra by Ponomarev )

DAM: TAFETTA (Palladium X *Popravka by Nadejni )

One of the nicest geldings we have ever bred,Tyron is 15:2 and growing,well started and ready to go to work.Big,handsome,huge-moving,National quality,we think this horse is a superstar!

Endurance,Dressage,Western or Hunter Pleasure ,Tyron has the potential to carry his experienced rider to success in a wide variety of disciplines.Extensively ridden in the foothills and has performed well gathering cows in the Kananaskis,he is ready to go in any direction you want to take him.Big and bold enough to be competitive against all breeds and fancy enough for breed shows.Perfect legs,big hard hooves.Pictures taken at 3,he gets bigger,deeper and dryer all the time.


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  1. this is a beautiful gelding good size for me I am over 200pounds I need a bigger horse for pleasure riding

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