Apr 092011

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TAKT(Arktik X Tafetta by Palladium) with owner Rachel Ham,High River,Alberta.Takt is an all-around family horse used for Trail Riding,Jumping and Dressage work at home as well as teaching Rachel’s two young children to ride.

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  1. Takt at home ive named him Tictakt 🙂 This is one of the BEST horses ive ever ridden, i have ridden a lot of horses in my time, but this horse is just amazing to ride, i love every ride i take him on, even if its just around the back field, he can always put a smile on my face. He is so well balanced he has a fantastic canter, i could ride all day. He it willing to try new things and so willing to please you. We read each other like a book, Now that is a great feeling to have with a horse, he was made just for me 🙂 . I would recommed anyone who wants to buy an arabian to checkout this bloodline of horse, his sire is a Canadian and USA champion. Takt is lovely to jump and rides both english and western. I LOVE THIS HORSE!!! 🙂

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