Feb 222012
 Rebel Just Because 1993 ( *Arpan X *Popravka by Nadejni ) with Shari Macfarlane

Rebel Just Because 1993 ( *Arpan X *Popravka by Nadejni ) with Shari Macfarlane


SIRE: *ARPAN ( Kumir X Plennitsa by Aswan )

DAM: *POPRAVKA ( Nadejni X Protalina by Topol )

Endurance Record :
  • 4390 Miles
  • 89 Rides with 85 completions
  • 6 Best Condition,many high vet scores
  • TSYD Award

Rebel was purchased by Danny Grant who started his Endurance career,then to Shari Macfarlane,Surrey,B.C.

On his passing on February 19,2012 from complications of colic Shari wrote:

“My wonderful ‘Rebel Just Because’ is trotting on trails high in the clouds tonite. Not yet 19, he was pure joy for me. I am so lucky to have been his “mom” and to have him take such good care of me for almost 4400 miles. There are the stats…85 completions out of 89 starts, 6 BC’s, many high vet scores, Tsyd award ….oh, but the memories, all the beautiful places he safely took me and his kind and willing disposition. I never expected the end to come so so quick…my how it hurts. Go hug your ponies….”they are ours as a gift, but never to keep”.

Rest in Peace,Rebel.

  3 Responses to “REBEL JUST BECAUSE”

  1. I am so sorry to hear of the untimely passing of a special horse. My thoughts are with you. Bev

  2. Seeing his pedigree I can only imagine what a great horse he must have been. So sorry to hear of his passing. Paula

  3. I’m so sorry to hear he passed away. I endurance rise also, and one of my old mares died last summer at the age of 19. The memories will never fade. But I started a now 6 year old gelding a couple years ago. Do you have any new horse ready for the upcoming season?

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