Feb 132017
Parados 2012 Bay Gelding ( Navaron X Parade by Palladium )

Parados   2012 Bay Gelding 15 hands

PARADOS        2012 Bay Gelding, 15 hands, excellent Sport, Working or Endurance Prospect

Sire: Navaron ( *Algomej X Navitra by Ponomarev )

Dam: Parade ( Palladium X Proovia by *Pesniar )

  • Lots of bone and substance, nice soft mind with great attitude .

  • Well started under saddle .

  • From a family of High Level Performance Horses in Eventing, Racing, Endurance and Working Disciplines.

 Parados, now six has been ridden off and on since he was three by our trainer Bill Calder, a retired veterinarian who has been starting our horses for the past seven years since the sale of his clinic in Okotoks. His method is to do ground work in the round pen and then ride out for several hours so he has had experience with gates, creeks, cows, dogs, traffic, bicycles, tarps and whatever other challenges Bill can find. He has been ridden mostly with a rope halter but has worn and is comfortable in a snaffle. He has never been shod but is good for the farrier and has been trimmed regularly. Although not a finished bridle horse he is better than well started with an excellent foundation and is ready for serious work and has had a lot of experience that an arena trained horse would not have. He has been trained to load although he has not  been hauled very far. He has lived outside in a group of 5 or 6 horses for most of his life. He has been  used for ponying young horses, Bill catches him in the field and rides him in bareback with a halter even after long lay-offs.

A horse with excellent bone and substance, Parados has a good mind and attitude. He has not had any injuries or physical issues. Properly conditioned, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be successful in endurance or any other activity that interests his new owner.

Similarly bred horses from our program have been successful in high level endurance, racing and as working horses We recently sold his paternal brother to a client who has been involved in high level endurance for many years.

  10 Responses to “Parados – Sold to Nebraska!!”

  1. I am looking for an endurance prospect. This one looks very nice. Can you tell me a little about him and your asking price?

  2. Kat just jumping in here…we looked at this gelding last fall and while I would have bought him in a heartbeat for endurance, my husband was looking for a horse with a bit more experience. He has an INCREDIBLE calm mind, thanks to the great foundation that he was given. PS we do endurance. A lot. Good luck and I hope you have a look!!

  3. Still for sale? What are you asking for him? Any cattle exposure?



    • Hi Lisa. Sending you personal message. He has experience around cows but has not worked cows. No reason why he wouldn’t be able to though.

  4. I am also interested to know more about Parados as a step-up endurance mount. I am not sure he is in my price range though. Would you please message me with a recent video and your asking price? Thanks.

    • Hi, Andy
      Parados is now sold but we have several others that have not made it to the website as yet. I will email you info. Thanks for your enquiry.

  5. Congrats on selling Parados! My Time To Shine has been lovely to work with and gotten to be a reall buddy.

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