Apr 152011

2000 to 2013 BAY STALLION

JR Legacy

JR Legacy


SIRE: *GRANDEUR NSB ( Nut X *Wurda by Pobeditel)

DAM: *POPRAVKA ( Nadejni X Protalina by Topol )

Linebred to Russian Priboj through his sons Topol and Pomeranets

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  2 Responses to “JR LEGACY”

  1. I like this one too. Makes me think of my recently deceased Varian/Bask bred stallion

  2. Donna,JR Legacy is one of the most powerful,athletic horses we have seen-linebred to the Russian Triple crown winner Topol.We have some daughters from him and are excited about his future impact on our program.
    Thanks for your comment!

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