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  1. I saw your post and the link to your website on Shari MacFarlane’s Facebook page. I was so sorry to hear of Rebel’s passing. I have his full brother Arcade who I bought through the help of Shari and Danny Grant. I have been riding Arcade (Cady) for eleven years. He did the Pony Express ride in 2001 and has finished the Tevis cup five times. He is 17 now and I plan to ride Tevis on him again this year. I thought you might like to hear about him.

  2. Beginning to research an Arabian stallion to cross with an Appaloosa filly in 2018. Looking for height and speed/endurance. The filly has the disposition characteristics, but want to see how her confirmation turns out as she matures. I will file your info, and possibly visit your establishment this summer if possible- thank you, bob

  3. I am a local photographer in Okotoks and am interested in taking pictures of Arabian horses. I grew up riding horses in Ontario and now my joy is in photographing horses.
    I was wondering if there would be a time when I could come and photography your horses. I could do this from outside the paddock or fence and don’t want to be a bother to you.
    I am retired as we sold our picture framing company last year and now take pictures to send back to the new owner for use in his wholesale company.
    You can view some of my images at
    I appreciate your time and love the look of the Arabian horse!
    My email is or my phone is 519.503.1952.


  4. Hello,

    I’m looking for a dressage horse. I’m very familiar with Willomar horses, I own a Pistachio son. Coule you please tell me what you currently have available?

    • Hello, Karen
      We have a number of very good prospects that may suit. We are in the process of picture taking and updating our site but in the meantime I will send you information that I have on three that I think would be strong contenders.Great that you are familiar with the Willomar horses. Several of our foundation horses came from them and we relied heavily on their advice and guidance in our early years.

  5. Hello Belarian Farm. I have been admiring your big chestnut gelding Nutron since I first saw your ad. Is he still for sale? Do you have a price in mind?
    (Also really like your mare Pristina! Maybe I should just come for a visit!!!)

    • Hi Michele, We still have Nutron for sale and Pristina is a very nice mare. We have been asking $5000 for him but will consider serious offers. You are very welcome to come for a visit.You can call me at 403 540-3845 to arrange.

      Barry Rosvold

  6. Hi. I was looking at your website but can’t find horses that you are selling right now. Maybe you don’t have any? I’m was looking for a mare to do endurance riding with. So, one that has the right breeding would be ideal. She doesn’t have to have any endurance experience but some trail riding would be great. Would look at a quiet 3-5 or older but well broke would be great. Don’t mind if they get hot but no bucking or bolting as I’m getting too old for that. I just like mares better, however my 30 yr old appy gelding just passed away last fall and he was great but did get infatuated with the girls, so he lived with my mini. I have a 2 yr old quarter horse gelding but my only boy left and not sure if I’m keeping him yet. Thanks

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