Apr 172011

[singlepic id=189 w=320 h=240 float=right]BELARIAN FOUNDATION MARE Chestnut  1982 to 2008  STRAIGHT RUSSIAN

SIRE: *MENES ( Nabeg X Metropolia by Priboj )

DAM: PUSTINIA ( Salon X Ptashka by Priboj)

Bred by: Tersk Stud,Russia imported to U.S. in utero by Robert D. Stratmore

Produced 14 foals by *Naturel,Pyatigorsk,RD Five Star,Pistschio,Palo Flechado,*Emanor and Arsenal.

On lease to Belarian 1990-1991 Continue reading »

Apr 172011

BELARIAN FOUNDATION MARE 1982 to 2005 Russian/Polish

SIRE: *EL KASAKA ( Patron X Purga by Kankan )

DAM: HARPONA ( *Gay Polka X Harpia by Pietuszok)

Bred by: Willomar,Dr. George and Lyn Allen,Taber,Alberta,Canada

Our first significant Mare purchase,My Madame was one of 3 full sisters that  produced a legacy of excellent performance horses for Belarian and other breeders. Continue reading »

Apr 162011


SIRE: PONOMAREV ( *Salon X Palitra by Salon )

DAM: *NAVAJA ( Aswan X Nemezida by Arax )

Navitra produced 7 foals by Pyatigorsk, *Arpan, *Algomej and Palladium, 5 colts and 2 fillies . Of her 5 colts, Arsenal, Sundance BF, Navaron and Arkangel have all produced outstanding offspring.
Truly a horsebreeder’s dream mare! Continue reading »
Apr 162011

[singlepic id=163 w=320 h=240 float=right]BELARIAN FOUNDATION MARE 1985 to 2010 Grey STRAIGHT RUSSIAN

SIRE: NADEJNI ( Nabeg X Nasturcia by Aswan )

DAM: PROTALINA (Topol X Psisha by Salon )

Bred by: Jack K. (Robbie Robinson ) at Kossack Stud,Netherlands and imported to Canada in 1985. Continue reading »

Apr 132011

PROOVIA-1986 Chestnut Mare ( *Pesniar X Peruvia by Salon ) photo October 2011 at age 25

PROOVIA-1986 Chestnut Mare ( *Pesniar X Peruvia by Salon ) photo October 2011 at age 25


SIRE: *PESNIAR ( Arax X Pesnia by Aswan)

DAM: PERUVIA ( *Salon X *Putina by Aswan)

Proovia now 26 and still doing well. She is the  dam of Parade by Paladium who now represents her in our program. Continue reading »