Apr 142011


Baja Rose ( Palladium X Vintage Vienna by RD Five Star )

Baja Rose ( Palladium X Vintage Vienna by RD Five Star )



SIRE: PALLADIUM ( *Arpan X *Panache by Almaz )

DAM: VINTAGE VIENNA ( RD Five Star X *Vienna MBF by Menes )

Extremely quiet and people-oriented.Dam of two foals by Pavel,Vienna Rose and Pancho V.Priced very reasonably to good home.

  4 Responses to “BAJA ROSE-Sold to B.C.!!”

  1. this Baja Rose is a very pretty mare no mention whether she has been trained or not perhaps she has been used only for brood mare

    • Baja Rose has not been trained under saddle.She has produced 2 excellent foals.She is very quiet and sweet-natured so probably could be used for pleasure riding.

      • what is the price on this mare cause I am older and need a horse that is mature enough to train to my needs mostly working some cattle in the summer and light driving in the winter

      • Baja Rose would suit my needs better than Nexus, I occasionally like a good run out into the hills but the big gelding might be bored with the amount of excersise I can provide and I can`t use him to his full potential
        I am very interested in the little mare as a pleasure mount I raise and train Fjord horses training them for harness but they are not too much fun to ride with their short legs I really like the Arabs for pleasure riding
        What would be a good price to start at.

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