Mar 242011
*Arpan ( Kumir X Plennitsa by Aswan ) 1981 Chestnut Stallion imported from Russia photo in Canada
*Arpan in Russia

*Arpan in Russia

BELARIAN FOUNDATION STALLION 1981 to 1994 Imported from Russia

SIRE: KUMIR ( Mak X Kapella by Priboj )

DAM: PLENNITSA ( Aswan X Perikola by Knippel )

Bred by: Khrenovoe Horse Stud, Baltic Region, Russia


-Raced at Pyatigorsk, Russia 1983 to 1985.

-Sire and Grand Sire of  top performers in Endurance, Racing, Reining and the Show Ring.

The only direct Kumir son ever imported to North America, *Arpan’s sons and daughters continue to expand his legacy through the third and fourth generations in our breeding program and several other programs in both Canada and the U.S.

Pictures of ARPAN:

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