Apr 152011
Abbey Oakley ( Pavel X Abbey by *Arpan )

For Sale-2009 Chestnut MareĀ  Sold in Alberta!!!

SIRE: PAVEL ( Pistaschio X Visibly Moved by Pyatigorsk )

DAM: ABBEY ( *Arpan X Mysti Lady by *El Kasaka )

Abbey Oakley is a 14:3 hand mare well started under saddle,

very athletic and eager to please .


Well started mature mare ready to be put to work . Both of her grandsires were successful race horses so Abbey Oakley is bred for rigorous top level competition as a Sport horse, in Endurance or as a Working horse . Her pedigree would also contribute to a Breeding program with top level athletic objectives . She is quiet to work with, likes attention, comes up to you in the pasture for pets and scratches, good on trails, knows gates, creeks, traffic, cows and trailers .

Located in Alberta, Canada . For further info and price contact Barry Rosvold at (403)933-4577 or Cell.(403)540-3845 email brosvold@telus.net

Four Generation Pedigree for ABBEY OAKLEY


Pistaschio (U.S.A.)

*Salon (Russia)

Negativ (Russia)

Sonata (Russia)

*Panterra (Russia)

Kniazj (Russia)

Panama of Tersk (Russia)

Visibly Moved


Pietuszok Dwa

Mistical Lady

*Vienna MBF (Russia)

Menes (Russia)

Pustinia (Russia)


*Arpan (Russia)

Kumir (Russia)

Mak (Russia)

Kapella (Russia)

Plennitsa (Russia)

Aswan (Egypt)

Perikola (Russia)

Mysti Lady

*El Kasaka (Netherlands)

Patron (Russia)

Purga (Russia)

WM Mystique

Bey Apache

Silver Mistique (U.S.A.)

*denotes imported to U.S.A. or Canada

Sire Line: Ibrahim via Naseem

Dam Line : Basalisk via Wahida

Abbey Oakley is a 14:3 hand mare well started under saddle .

For the breeder, Abbey Oakley is linebred III X V to the Russian import *Salon through her Sire Pavel and through Pustinia . Abbey Oakley also carries strong lines to the Russian-bred *Pietuszok who was imported to Canada through Poland in his later years . These lines to Pietuszok through his sons and daughters either imported from Poland or the few he bred in Canada gain in importance when bred with the Russian horses where his sire Priboj or his full and half siblings are in most pedigrees .



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