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AABSOLUT    1996 Bay Straight Russian Stallion      

Aabsolut 1996 Bay Stallion ( *Princip X Amarilla PR by Maryk )

Aabsolut 1996 Bay Stallion ( *Princip X Amarilla PR by Maryk )

Sire: *Princip ( Nabeg X Panagia by Aswan )

Dam: Amarilla PR ( Maryk X *Antina by Antey )

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AABSOLUT is a 15 hand Straight Russian stunning burgundy bay stallion bred from the best of the Russian imports to North America . He has inherited the place of his sire as the bearer of the great line of Amurath Sahib to Arax through his sire, the Nabeg son *Princip whose dam Panagia also produced Balaton by Menes, also by Nabeg . Balaton was European Champion Stallion and was referred to in Russia as “The Horse of the Century”.

His dam, the lovely Amarilla PR is a daughter of the U.S. and Canadian National Champion Stallion and Scottsdale Champion *Muscat son Maryk, later exported to Austria, and the imported *Antina bred in the Netherlands from Russian imported parents, the bay Aswan son Antey from the Arax daughter Nemezida and the breathtaking Nabeg daughter *Talina, later imported to the U.S.A.

Aabsolut offers an incredibly beautiful face, large eye, small ears, well placed upright neck with excellent shoulder, short back, powerful movement and breathtaking hock action.

Aabsolut has sired Scottsdale, Regional and National winners in Halter, Reining and Working Cow Disciplines and also has offspring competing in Endurance . 

Aabsolut was Region 9 Champion Senior Stallion and Region 12 Reserve Champion Stallion in limited showing . 

*Note:Due to age guarantee may be transferred to another stallion if Aabsolut is unable to breed in subsequent years.

*Princip (Russia)

Nabeg ( Russia )

Arax (Poland)



Nomenklatura (Russia)

Naseem (U.K.)

Mammona (Poland)

Panagia (Russia)

Aswan  (Egypt)

Nazeer (Egypt)

Yosreia (Egypt)

Pustinia (Russia)

Salon (Russia)

      Ptashka (Russia)

Amarilla PR (U.S.A.)

Maryk (U.S.A.)

*Muscat (Russia)

    Salon (Russia)

                                  Malpia (Russia)

*Maritsa (Russia)

    Arax (Poland)

             Monopolia (Russia)

*Antina (Netherlands)

Antey (Russia)

   Aswan (Egypt)

           Nemezida (Russia)

*Talina (Russia)

     Nabeg (Russia)

           Trapecia (Russia)







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